The only time you are likely to see a whale out of water is on City Light Pole Banners (CLPBs) from AG Media, as colorful banners bearing their images hang throughout San Francisco announcing the Gray Whale Exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo.  These banners are seen by thousands of commuters each day, and let the community know that this fun, informative interactive exhibit that follows the migratory patterns of gray whales runs from June 8 through the end of September.  Bring the family to learn all about them – plus enjoy all the other attractions the zoo has to offer!  The San Francisco Zoo is open from 10am-5pm every day of the week, and is located near OceanBeach on Sloat Boulevard at the Great Highway. Visit for ticket information or to find out about other fun zoo events, to find out how you can make a splash with your next marketing program using CLPBs, call AG Media at 877-321-8421.


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