AGMedia can provide a wide range of outdoor advertising solutions for University and College Campus programs.

Campus pole banners are at the heart of all our educational graphic programs and a great way to promote your college or universities message of pride and identity. We have worked with educational institutions across California, from elementary schools to universities, to create campus pole banner programs that reflects each institutions’ message. We design and produce campus pole banners that are installed on standard light poles throughout the campus as well as large architectural building banners that are installed directly to edifices throughout the campus. The messages and visual content of campus pole banners and architectural banners include simple logo designs, achievement and school mission statements, way-finding and highlighting the individual schools on campus, among others.

Campus pole banners can be an integral component of a school’s marketing and communications strategy by providing a strong visual presence, identity and school pride within the student body, with visitors, prospective students, administration and alumnus campus pole banner program for years to come.

    Popular University and College Campus products:

  • Pole Banners and Street Light Pole Banners
  • Over the Street Banners
  • Building Banners
  • Way-finding Banners
  • Window Graphics