Promote your cultural happenings to millions with city light pole banners from AGMedia

Light pole banners are a cost effective form of popular outdoor advertising for major cities along the west coast.

What better way to promote your municipal event and reach millions of consumers on the go every day with a targeted city light pole banner program from AGMedia. Our eye-catching banners are displayed on numerous consecutive light poles throughout major west coast cities.

For over two decades AGMedia has been the preferred provider of outdoor advertising for museum exhibitions, civic announcements, non-profit events and cultural happenings in major cities along the west coast. It’s almost impossible to drive down any major street in Los Angeles and other west coast cities and not see banners that were produced and installed by AGMedia.

One of the key selling points of city light pole banners is that clients can have virtually any type of design or message on their banners. AGMedia has a seasoned creative team capable of creating artwork that represents the clients branding and event at the highest level.