Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council: San Antonio Winery

As a means of getting the residents of LincolnHeights more involved in their community, the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council (LHNC) was created to serve as a liaison that enables residents to advise the city government and elected officials of issues in their neighborhood.  To raise awareness and promote participation, the LHNC chose beautiful, artistic and effective City Light Pole Banners (CLPBs) from AG Media to spread the word and get people communicating in a public forum about areas of concern, government, needs, and ideas.  These banners line the busiest streets of the community to visually showcase the vitality, diversity, architecture and activity of the neighborhood.  Los Angeles’ historic San Antonio Winery who will celebrate their centennial in 2017 is generously sponsoring this banner program.  To learn more about LHNC visit, for information about San Antonio Winery visit  Discover how you can use CLPBs to capture the attention of your community or customers, call AG Media at 877-321-8421


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