Southern California light pole banner company develops an eco-friendly idea while giving retired banners a second life with their new AGMmedia shop online store.

At one time or another, just about everyone has driven down a major city thoroughfare and found themselves admiring the light pole banners displayed along the city streets. The reasons we are drawn to a particular light pole banner are different for each of us. For some, it may be a banner promoting a much anticipated event. For others, that special banner may contain the logo of a favorite product. A banner featuring iconic artwork by a renowned artist announcing an exhibition may be what draws you in. Still, others may simply appreciate a banner as a unique piece of artwork in its own right.

For years, AGMedia received phone calls from the public inquiring about what becomes of the banners after their promotional campaign cycle is finished. Inevitably, the callers would ask if the banners were for sale. When the callers were informed that they were not for sale, most would ask “why not?” or say “they should be.” These comments caused Andy Gold of AGMedia to take pause and question if selling retired light pole banners was something to consider. “Clearly, there was an interest from the public and if we could develop a means of facilitating the sale of these banners and get our clients to commit we might have something fun and interesting.” The AGMedia team developed an online banner store they named AGMedia Shop. They immediately brought on Annenberg Space for Photography as their first partner. The California Science Center quickly followed. LA Phil and LA Opera also signed on. The Huntington and San Francisco Zoo made their debut the first week of September. Annenberg Space for Photography has already had a best seller with their “Who Shot Rock and Roll” banners. Gold added “this is the public’s opportunity to own a piece of history and culture.” These banners are the ultimate keepsake for that special event and are suitable for interior or exterior décor.

As the largest provider of light pole banner programs on the west coast, selling these retired banners allows AGMedia to be more environmentally friendly. “Our environment is always top of mind for us. To be able to sell these beautiful banners and keep them out of a landfill while at the same time allowing people to enjoy them in their homes is beneficial for all.”

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